How to Start A Course?

Step 1: Choose the course you want to enrol/ 步骤 1: 选择你要上的课程

Step 2: Press “Get Course”/ 步骤 2: 点击 “Get Course”

Step 3: Register or Login to your account/ 步骤 3: 注册或登录你的账户

Step 4: Select “One Time Payment”/ 步骤 4: 选择 “One Time Payment”

Step 5: Press “Proceed to Checkout”/ 步骤 5: 点击 “Proceed to Checkout”

Step 6: Filling up “Billing Details”/ 步骤 6: 填写你的 “结算资料”

Step 7: Choose your payment method/ 步骤 7: 选择你的付款方式

Step 8: After payment, back to the class you’ve enrolled, press “Start Course” and you’re ready to learn/ 步骤 8:  付款后回到你报名的课程,点击 “Start Course” 就能上课了